Please post your name, and the title of the book you are reading for pleasure. Add the author's name, and a sentence or two about what you have read so far...what is the book about? Do you think you'll like it? Is it similar to any other book you've read?

(Use my entry as a model.)

Mrs. QB: I just finished The Wind in the Willows, by Kenneth Grahame. The author wrote this book for his young son, and it has been a children's classic (a 'classic' is

something that has remained popular and respected for a long time) for over one hundred years! The main characters are all animals: Badger, River Rat, Mole, and Mr.

Toad (who is rich and loves to steal and drive cars!). It is a wonderful book, and I highly recommend it if you like to smile while you read :-)

Lin Lin Chen:I Finished my book Get it While it's Hot, ot Not on last weekend. I don't remember the author's name tho, anyway, it's a good book for teenagers to read. LOL, It might not fit Mrs. Q's flavor tho. :D