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Note taking is a very important skill. Although you need to know how to take notes in your LHS classes, it is VITAL that you understand how to take good notes when you get to college. Many of your classes will be lectures, where a professor stands at the front of the room and delivers information. Watch the following video to learn an effective note-taking method.

Effective Note Taking

Slang and Informal Conversation

This website is great for learning slang. The website is continually updated with new vocabulary. Be sure to check out "EBaby TV"---this has short videos with subtitles, and then short quizzes on content and vocabulary. A GREAT way to hear American English spoken by teenagers. I highly recommend this site!

English Baby


The BBC is a British news service, and this site is EXCELLENT. You can read and listen to current news, learn vocabulary, test yourself, do quizzes and crossword puzzles, download stories, etc. This is a GREAT site for independent learning--be sure to browse through the various links.

BBC News

Vocabulary Practice

The "Manythings" website has just what its name says: "many things" to do, including grammar exercises, pronunciation, word games, listening, and reading. Click on the "Vocabulary" tab for lots of word practice: crosswords, matching games, hangman, multiple choice, etc. The games go from 'very easy' to 'advanced', so there should be something for everyone.