Learning vocabulary is one of THE most important jobs you have as an English language student. Every week, you should try to learn at least five to ten (10....not 100!) new vocabulary words of your own choosing. These words can come from anywhere---a book you are reading, a conversation, a class discussion, or the Academic Word List. (I will tell you all about this very important word list!) You will keep track of your weekly vocabulary in a program called "My Words".

To register for this program, click on the link below. Your "user name" should be the initial of your first name and your last name (for example, 'sjiang' or 'jzamora'.) Make your password '12345'. That will let me check your progress on a weekly basis.

Have fun :-)


Week of September 6th

Here are the academic vocabulary words EVERYONE is responsible for this week. You can demonstrate your knowledge of these words by:

  • discussing them with me for five or ten minutes
  • taking a written quiz OR
  • putting them in your "My Words" account and using them in a sentence

analyze approach area assess assume